Current legislation dictates how Japanese Knotweed should be treated and removed.

  • Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to plant or otherwise cause the species to grow in the wild.
  • Under the Environmental Act 1990 those parts of a plant that might enable it to be spread (propagules) and the material in which these propagules occure e.g. soil or sediment may be classed as controlled waste and as such must be disposed of safely at a license landfill site according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Duty of Care Regulations 1991.

It is important to identify and remove Japanese Knotweed as early as possible as infestations can quickly spread causing significant damage to property resulting in high costs if left to grow. Our qualified surveyors can create a cost effective management plan to treat and remove this invasive plant.

  • We will carry out a site visit to survey the area undertaking a full initial assessment including checking the boundaries and neighbouring land/properties to determine the extent of growth.
  • The site survey report will include:
    • A site plan highlighting areas where the Japanese Knotweed has been identified
    • Photographs of the Japanese Knotweed in each area as identified
    • Confirmation as to the spread of the plant onto neighbouring land/property
    • RICS Assessment
    • Recommendations
  • Objectives of the management plan
  • Evaluation of control options available
  • Detailed list of controlled actions to be taken
  • Assessment of the risks associated with any control action
  • Description of how the success of the control action will be evaluated
  • Advice on bio-security
  • Treatment schedule with timelines
  • Breakdown of options and associated costs
  • Scheduled visits to monitor the success of the treatment and to ensure swift action is taken to treat visible signs of new re-growth.

‘Free’ identification service just ask our experts:

If you are still unsure if you have Japanese Knotweed then please click here and upload a photo of the plant in question and one of our experts will feedback to you within 24hrs. If you have any questions then one of the team will be happy to help just call 01782 901074 or 07818 414900 for a free consultation.