Undertaking treatment works always includes the provision of a KMP to manage and document these works and the subsequent Guarantee. The KMP provides the necessary reassurance to both lenders and buyers that a Japanese Knotweed problem is being properly managed. As a minimum, a KMP should include the following features:

  • Objectives of the management plan
  • A description of the property with an accurate record of the Japanese Knotweed infestation (provided from the survey).
  • A scaled plan with dimensions and supporting photographs (provided from the survey).
  • The full details of the contracting organization or person.
  • Description of the methods to be used to treat and control Japanese Knotweed.
  • A treatment schedule, with timelines, that is updated as treatments are carried out.
  • Advice on bio-security
  • Description of how the success of the control action will be evaluated
  • A completion certificate that confirms the treatment is complete and that the Japanese Knotweed at the property has been remediated.

Ongoing Monitoring

Monitoring visits will be carried out following the same procedure as our site surveys and will cover all locations within the contracted area. When plants are being treated with herbicide, we will incorporate ongoing monitoring of the site, or survey area, with each visit. We note changes in plant distribution, height and health and record any new growth outside of the originally infested areas along with any evidence of interference or disturbance.

The final monitoring visit is the visit carried out after the completion of control action and after which there has been at least two full growing seasons with no evidence of Japanese Knotweed growth. In this context, growing season refers to the entire active growth period in a given year. Although two full growing seasons are usually sufficient to determine if regrowth will take place, if soil is disturbed after this period regrowth can sometimes occur due to exposing deeper rhizome that might be dormant.

‘Free’ identification service just ask our experts:

If you are still unsure if you have Japanese Knotweed then please click here and upload a photo of the plant in question and one of our experts will feedback to you within 24hrs. If you have any questions then one of the team will be happy to help just call 01782 901074 or 07818 414900 for a free consultation.